About Sharna

It Happened Organically

It started in the early 80's with the leg warmers and yes, the big hair! I was 16 and teaching high-impact aerobics classes, was a dancer, and had plenty of injuries. Mostly sprained ankles and lower back pain.

These workouts were creating long-lasting damage and I foresaw injuries happening all around me. It really bothered me seeing my clients and others affected. It was just wrong. I knew something had to change.

By modifying and adjusting what I was certified and trained in, I discovered ways to get the same results without the injuries and pain. I began developing my alternative yet effective methods.

In 1988, I was 24 and became a rebel because I wasn’t teaching the trendy classes. One gym would only give me the dingy back room. It was dark and needed renovations but I used it anyway. People loved it and kept coming for more.

I was ahead of the times because my beliefs and methods were different than the mainstream 80's high-impact aerobic workouts. I simply refused to injure people.

I did this unheard of 'crazy' thing and ran low-impact cardio classes as alternatives. At the time nobody else was doing this. Those with aches and pains and the 50+ crowd came in droves! They were tired of all the impact and jumping around.

As time went on I did research. I tested. I would change subtle nuances of movements to get things just right. I wanted to make sure every move had purpose, was simple, and would not cause harm. I refused to continue instructing movements that were creating bad posture, neck and back pain.

My entire philosophy is that doing moves the right way keeps people safe and healthy.

Along the way, many members shared with me that they only maintained their memberships to take my classes. It's because they felt safest with me and my methods. I knew I was on to something as other trainers weren't doing this.

Here’s the thing, clients put their trust and faith in trainers. But many get injured because these instructors do not cue and speak the right way. Based on the body’s physiology there’s a right way and a wrong way to do exercises. Doing it the right way makes all the difference.

I’ve taught this way for decades and am a strong advocate for helping YOU feel better. It is why I wrote my book, created the method, and this brand. I’m motivated to serve and support you to move your body the right way!

Figuring It Out As A Mom

As a Mom of 4 kids, I was busy and active with so much going on. Staying fit and having a routine benefitted me so much, especially throughout my 4 pregnancies. Back then I could easily keep up with my 4 kids and all of their activities. And today, I continue to have a very active schedule and social life and haven't had to slow down.

If you want to be active, pain and injury free in life's activities, you need to have an exercise routine that supports a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Is It Okay To Get Real Here?

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your body to be happy as you age. I really want you to live life with a pain free happy body. It is why I started this Revolution. And yes, I want you to join because you will benefit from the classes well into your 70's and beyond! I know, because some clients are in their 70's now and have been with me since I was pregnant with my kids 30 years ago!

They are happy and active because they confidently follow my advice and methodology, working out online with me 2 to 3 times a week. They have not experienced the “aging” process with the typical aches and pains their peers do. This is why I know my methods work and will work for you too!

What I do is teach facts and methods of proper posture, movement, and stretching that is based on science-backed research. We apply these in the workouts, and I encourage you to also apply them daily when you sit, stand, and walk. Age defying fun fact: Most people shrink as they age. I've actually grown because I practice what I preach! This works! My doctor was amazed to see that I'm taller by almost a half inch than 9 years ago.

What I’ve ended up doing is organically creating a system and methodology for people who don’t like working out. The method I teach today was decades in the making, is backed by research and is tried, tested, and true. It is simple and effective, and designed specifically for you.

I genuinely can't wait to share it with you!! I want you to feel as great as I do, and move with the same confidence as those in our community. The good news is you can start today and begin enjoying the benefits right away! 

About the


Science-Backed Exercises

The method behind the RightWay Revolution is a series of science-backed exercise movements that revolutionizes your relationship with your body.

It challenges the no-pain no-gain fitness industry philosophy because that doesn't work.

The focus is on posture, balance, and micro-adjustment positioning that make a world of difference you won't find anywhere else.

This method is easy to understand and simple to apply.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Increase in strength and stamina, done safely to alleviate pain.
  • Combination of the healthy and beneficial movements of 9 disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, Core, Weights, Tai Chi, and more.
  • Improvement in your physical health as well as your mental and emotional health.
  • Personalized for any body, no matter what your limitations.
  • Get your "joie de vivre" back!
  • Making exercise fun!
  • Builds confidence, self-esteem, and feeling good about your body.

Experience the benefits and achieve a much lower risk of damage and injury to your body.

About the

RightWay Revolution

Join the Movement of Movement

RightWay Revolution is about more than just individual workouts. It’s about changing the way we treat our bodies throughout our day-to-day activities. The simplicity of how we sit, stand, and walk is overlooked. Improving even these basics avoids pain and injury.

Let’s build a world of nurturing our bodies through moving the RightWay. Of rejecting myths about aging. Of living our best lives from this day forward.

Change starts with you. Take back control of how you feel. Take back the joy of long walks that leave you feeling refreshed and alive! Take back your energy, your vibrancy, and your love of life. Show your friends and family how great you feel. Doing it the RightWay!

It starts with you by doing it the right way. Join us in revolutionizing the way you live, age, and exercise!

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