Success Stories

Success Stories

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Sharna’s classes are amazing. They are the only ones I do now. I had done Pilates classes for the past 15 years on average twice a week but always suffered from chronic shoulder and neck pain for over 20 years. Attending Sharna’s classes has not only helped my posture and strengthened my entire body but more importantly, I no longer have neck or shoulder pain. I am also proud to say I can do ‘planks’ and ‘push-ups’ with very little effort (before I could not get up off my knees).


Sharna’s workouts empower me! I have some physical restrictions and often wake up feeling sluggish and stiff. As soon as I put on zoom, Sharna’s enthusiasm immediately transports me & I can exercise at my own pace, whilst being prompted by Sharna’s articulate explanation of the routine. I love exercising this way! I screen mirror the class onto my large TV—easy to see and follow Sharna. After the class I am energized, feel strong and free of pain!


Sharna has developed a training regimen that incorporates yoga, strength development but above all, core strength as the key element of the daily workouts.

From the time that I started working with Sharna, about 12 years ago she has helped me to maintain my agility, strength, posture and above all my core strength. This has been enormously beneficial to me as I have grown older. I look forward to many more years of training with Sharna

~ Renée

Sharna has been my guide and mentor for over 20 years. Her Zoom classes gave me a focus to survive the pandemic. Turning 70 this year, I feel so blessed to know Sharna, she will continue to be my inspiration.


“For a total fitness experience, I highly recommend Sharna's fitness classes! She does it all - with innovation, education, clarity, compassion, joy and humour.”


When I started doing the workouts a decade ago my body was stiff and inflexible. However, today it's less so and I come out of every class challenged but feeling good. Sharna combines exercises for flexibility and balance with weights for strength. This is a great adjunct to running and cycling and good for overall well-being. Thanks Sharna!


I started working out with Sharna at the beginning of 2022 and my only regret is that I didn’t start many years earlier. Sharna gives a total workout, focusing on stretching, weight training, cardio, and balance. My endurance and flexibility in all activities have greatly improved. In addition, Sharna provides terrific tips on healthy living and is always an inspiration and motivator. I often hear her voice in my head reminding me of how to stand, sit, etc. I am so grateful for the benefits that working out with Sharna has given me! Thank you, Sharna! XOXO

~ Freya

I love how Sharna’s classes make me feel. My joints don’t hurt, my back feels wonderful and I know I’ve challenged myself every time I work out with her. I’m 72 and feel like 42 when I work out with her three times a week.

~ Wendi

This is my 14th year attending Sharna’s classes three times a week and it is second nature to me—like breathing! I recently had a knee replacement, and at the pre-surgical assessment, the hospital physiotherapist couldn’t believe how strong and fit I was, and how easily I could do the exercises she assigned to me (despite my physical size). Post-surgery, I was able to do the exercises easier, like squats, thanks to my consistency with Sharna! The physiotherapists were blown away! I attribute my amazing recovery to Sharna’s classes, her knowledge, foresight and caring guidance. Do yourself a HUGE favour—for your body, mind and soul— and take ONE (forsure) or TWO classes and see and feel what I’m talking about.


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