Florida April 28, 2023

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Sharna has instructed at the following SickKids hospital, LinkedIn, Rogers, The Center for Addiction and Mental Health, MTY Food Group, North York General Hospital, Jewish Community Centre

RightWay Wellness

is about squashing those beliefs and living healthier, happier, and easier.

You’ll work. But you’ll work the RightWay, getting you safe and sustainable results no matter what your age or state of health.

Why aren’t people exercising? Age isn’t the problem.

As I look back on four decades in the fitness industry, it has become clear that people are afraid to work out for many reasons. They have…

  • Bought into the myth that age comes with injury.
  • Become intimidated by the intense, hardcore workouts.
  • Decided working out is too hard.
  • Associated exercise with pain, discomfort, or misery.
  • Lost faith in the industry and given up on ever getting back into shape

Sharna has been doing it the RightWay for a long time now

Thousands of clients have benefitted from her 40+ years of experience as a fitness leader. She is known for her science-backed, simple tips for improving posture and core strength, creating less neck and back pain—and having more fun while doing it, too! She’d love to hear from you.

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“For a total fitness experience, I highly recommend Sharna's fitness classes! She does it all - with innovation, education, clarity, compassion, joy and humour.”

~ Pam

I love how Sharna’s classes make me feel. My joints don’t hurt, my back feels wonderful and I know I’ve challenged myself every time I work out with her. I’m 72 and feel like 42 when I work out with her three times a week.

~ Wendi

Sharna has been my guide and mentor for over 20 years. Her Zoom classes gave me a focus to survive the pandemic. Turning 70 this year, I feel so blessed to know Sharna, she will continue to be my inspiration.

~ Sharon

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