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Enhance the benefits to your patients by recommending a fitness trainer that specializes in posture, alignment, and corrective movement.

  • Published Author
  • Corporate Speaker
  • 40 Years experience
  • 20,000 classes taught
  • 500,000 participants inspired
  • Ergonomics and lifestyle coach
  • Grown taller in her 50's - not shrinking

I can bridge the gap between their visits with you. You are likely telling your patients they need to exercise between visits, but let's be honest, they are not doing it.

It will provide them with a method for maintaining healthy results so they are exercising the right way.

Let’s partner together.  

Trust the Process

Sharna's method was developed over 40 years as a fitness trainer. Through science backed research and training in corrective and preventative movement she has created her own innovative methodology. 

She specializes in posture, alignment, core, and mobility. Her methods help clients develop new habits that strengthen and heal the body… safely.

Her fitness program is designed to help patients with back pain, inflexible hips, neck and shoulder issues, weak core, and poor posture.

Benefits of Partnering

  • Commission on each monthly subscription
  • 50% commission on each Course program sold.
  • Accelerate your patients’ healing.
  • Grow your business and create real, lasting results for your clients.

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