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You have likely heard of us from a friend, maybe heard Sharna speaking on a Podcast, a live presentation, or a social media post... however you found us you are at the right place!

ReLearning Fitness is what we are all about, and we are building a community of like minded people wanting to feel better and are getting healthy.

Statistics tell us that about 23% of people ar hard core workout types and about 19% of people will never work out. That leaves about 60% of people in the middle not working out and not sure where to turn. That is where we come in! Come join us and ReLearn Fitness and learn to do it the right way

We’re a growing community of individuals who feel the results every day. Are you someone who's friends, family and loved one's have said... "you need to take care of your health more!" Even your doctor may be on your case to exercise so you feel better. Well you have come to the right place.

Here's what we hear people say after the classes:

  • The time flies by
  • Feels like I grew taller
  • Classes are simple and easy to follow
  • All my stiffness and aches are gone
  • Feel so much better at the end than beginning
  • I'm relaxed, flexible (stretched out), and strong all at the same time
  • I'm learning to make "feeling better" a higher priority
  • Doctor tells me I'm not shrinking!
  • Love the music

Here's some quotes from members:

  • "I can't live without doing this on a regular basis." ~ Wendi
  • "I started Jan 2022, and my only regret is that I didn't join years earlier!" ~Freya
  • "This morning I hesitated joining the class, because I woke up in pain, but I did the class and felt 100% after!! Thank you for what you do and your detailed form!"  ~ Elaine
  • “I HATE working out with every fibre of my being” but Sharna, you make it fun! Time goes by fast! I feel amazing and can not wait to join another class!”  ~ Jordanna

Join our wonderful and growing community. I can't wait to work with you. Click the Sign Up button on this page and sign up for your first free class with us!!

We wanted to answer so common questions we get all the time and in the following section have those "frequently asked questions".

In addition, have some questions you might "ought" to ask your current trainer. So we have another section called "should ask questions". At the end of the day, clear communication and getting your questions answered is what is important and we hope this helps! 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions I get all the time:

We hope these answer questions you might have and that you join us for a class soon. On us! Come to your first class free!!

1. How little can I do and still get results?

Everyone is different, and results are determined by the individual. Depending on what you are looking for and how you want to feel, your results may be immediate! I encourage everyone I work with to be mindful of my methods, and your results will happen. Less can truely be more. With science backed research applied to my methods this is a reality.

I recommend an average of 3 workouts a week to build up good habits. Consistency is a key factor for getting any results. My methods and exercises are easy to follow, easy to do and you’d be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel good!

2. When I have a bad back, how do I strengthen my core?

A bad back is often the result of having a weak core, and doing crunches only makes your back worse. I have loads of exercises that help to strengthen your back all while working to strengthen your core. Your core consists of your abdominals, your obliques and your back, so my methods treat your entire core as a team.

3. If I have an injury should I give up on being fit?

Absolutely not!! Of course it depends on what type of injury you have, but there are always movements and exercises you can do for the rest of the body that is not injured. And once your injury heals, there are many exercises you can do to prevent that from reoccurring so you can be healthy and feel good.

4. I’m scared to workout, how advanced is it for a beginner?

I’m well aware of the fear around getting started or restarted with exercise. My approach is extremely gentle and easy on the body. I completely understand the need to go easy as body awareness is my biggest priority! Walking you through the basics is always the way I start with new clients. As you get comfortable you’ll be amazed that your strength and agility will improve and might even want to push yourself further faster than you think you can.

5. You are kinda old… are you up on the latest trends to teach the best workout?

You are only as old as you feel! Sure, I’m almost 60 but am stronger now than I was in my 30’s and 40’s! Over the past 40 years of being a fitness trainer, I’ve certified in every discipline in the industry from boxing, cardio, interval, yoga, Pilates, Bosu, kickboxing, weightlifting, and more.

The so-called trends are just that: trends. They are regurgitating the same old movements to merely appeal to new audiences. My methods work. Have for decades. What is more they are a fusion of all the things.

I incorporate the latest science so we are doing the best of the best of the different modalities. I’m completely up to date on the latest trends, and research and developments. I know from years and years of experience, personal injuries, and people’s habits, that my methods are safe, super efficient, and fun! You get results and leave feeling good!

6. How much do you charge?

If one were to do a workout everyday, the cost would be $4 per workout. That's totally affordable and your health is worth it!! And that is based on our monthly subscription.

Our pricing is simple and based on what people want. The drop in fee for a class here or there is $12. And the monthly subscription is $120/month. We've created a quality experience with high-level coaching and that is rare for $4 a day. 

People's daily habit for a Starbucks coffee cost $10 bucks. We are more affordable than that! And you can't put confidence and strength, and the ability to feel good in a cup... so come workout with us!!

Most exclusive gyms charge $18-30 as a drop in rate. Our's is just $12. And our monthly subscription of $120 offers unlimited access to more than just classes. We've got both live classes and recorded classes (for your convenience), a community of awesome new friends, and special trainings we hold to educate you on health and wellness!

7. Is it a hard routine or easy to follow?

It’s simple and easy to follow! Classes are paced appropriately and full of cues for position and alignment that make the classes very easy to follow. Plus there’s so much variety that the time flies by!

8. I've never stayed with a program, what will motivate me to keep going?

Motivation is a very important factor in sticking with it. You have to “want to” feel better, and “want to” move better. You feel and look better when you have more energy and confidence. It’s hard to be happy when you aren’t healthy. Statistically after you’ve completed 3 - 5 classes, you’ll start to feel better and you’ll “want to” do it again and again!

SAQs - Should Ask Questions to ask your current or potential trainer: 

Consider asking these questions of your current trainer. These are meant to be direct and to the point. If they can't answer them or you are not satisfied with the answer, consider joining the community here. Sign up for your complimentary class today!

1. How many years have you been a professional trainer?

I’ve been a fitness instructor since 1980. This is a very important question for you to have answered so you can feel confident you’re spending your time, money and trust with the right person!

I started in my fitness career in my teens teaching aerobics back in the 80’s! For the past 4 decades, I’ve certified in every fitness discipline available, honing my skills and knowledge. You can rest assured that my expertise is strongly supported by research and scientific evidence. I have become an advocate and expert in corrective and preventative movement, specializing in posture, alignment and balance. My focus starts with improving your daily habits in how you walk, stand and sit. These basics help your body’s ability and performance when you add in my (or other) workouts!

2. Do you know what exercises or moves to avoid, if I have shoulder or back pain?

I am very familiar with what to avoid, as I’ve had many injuries in these areas over the years. My methods and philosophy are more than just avoiding exercises, but to give you proven techniques that will strengthen your areas of pain.

3. Does your current trainer instruct you on alignment BEFORE you move?

Unfortunately many trainers focus on the push, the motivation, and the reps that they want you to perform. My goal is to always prepare your body with the best alignment techniques and then proceed to do the movements and exercises. Doing it the right way is my philosophy and I will not put any client at risk just for the sake of finishing the training session.

4. Why do you still do ab crunches?

I’ve not done or had clients do crunches in over 20 years! When I learned from leading experts and research from back institutes that the position used to do crunches has dangerous potential to damage your neck, so I stopped these immediately. It promotes a rounded neck and shoulder position. By forcing the head forward, you can cause bulging discs at the base of your neck. “Text-neck” is already considered an epidemic that a massive amount of the population are experiencing daily.

Another complaint about crunches, is that you may be attempting to strengthen your abs, but the opposite side of the body, your back, gets weaker with every crunch you do. This position rounds your spine, causing you to stretch your back not strengthen it. You end up with serious imbalanced muscles. Abs stronger than your back. I focus on doing exercises that encourage equal strength so you end up being stronger in the position you want!!! Good upright posture!

5. Does your current trainer explain how your spine should align?

I hope so!! Any movement or exercise you do or are instructed to do must be done AFTER you align your spine. Your muscles and joints will work more effectively if you’re doing the exercises from the proper position….especially when weights and your body weight is being used.

6. Do you really have to do hard interval exercises to strengthen your body?

No! Hard interval exercises are not needed to strengthen your body. Don’t get me wrong, interval training is excellent and many people get great results from training this way. But not all people are able to, or actually enjoy, workouts that are extremely challenging. The desire to feel, look and move better is up to the individual. Everyone has their own idea of what they want to achieve.

That’s why people enjoy my methods to much. They are simple, easy to follow, and *very* efficient. Because I focusing on small tweaks to make the most out of each exercise. Working out smarter rather than harder is the hall mark of my methods!

7. How do I strengthen my core without crunches?

There are many ways to engage and activate the core muscles without straining your neck and back. My philosophy is to work your body in the position you want as the end result which is in proper posture, maintaining neutral spine. The core consists of your abdominals, your obliques and your back muscles.

We use loads of alignment cues to always be mindful of, so that you end up with balanced, strong core muscles!

8. What steps does your personal trainer take to prevent you from being injured during their exercise class?

It’s crucial that you get the best possible advice from your trainer before AND during your exercise classes so you will avoid getting injured.

I’m known to many as “ The Posture Queen”… Consistently reminding you of easy tips to remember how to line up your body!! Your bone structure - spine, head, hips, shoulders, etc are all connected together with muscles, ligaments and tendons. Everything is connected!! So when you adjust the position of your head, you affect your hips, and feet… and everything in between.

You’re in good hands with me. My clients always say they hear my words in their heads all day (in a good way). They say my tips are life-changing! Many have improved their health, lives and posture. What is really exciting is some have even grown taller in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s! Clients text me that their doctor just confirmed they have grown! My doctor confirmed for me (summer of 2022) that I’ve grown half an inch (1.25 cm) since I was measured last (2 years prior)!!


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